Thursday, 7 August 2014

Coiney Mind-lapse in Washington

Pieter Bruegel the Elder -The
Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (detail)
On a US antiquitist lobbyist's blog, I am accused of some form of illogicality ("Archaeo-Blogger Logic" CPO Thursday, August 7, 2014):
It's interesting to note that an archaeo-blog from Poland tries to turn a story of an airport seizure into a supposed justification for US import restrictions on Egyptian coins. Never mind the seizure took place in Egypt or that the passenger was travelling to Italy, not to the United States.
It is difficult to know to what to ascribe the inability of some people connected with antiquity collecting to follow a simple argument. No doubt Mr Tompa's usual metal detecting and Maryland claqueurs will be applauding his words, the rest of us are just bemused by this lack of intellectual engagement and joined-up thinking.

I was, of course, talking about the so-called "First Found principle" which the black-hat guys are always banging on about, opposed as they are to curbing smuggling and measure against antiquities laundering. US coin collectors are currently insisting that artefacts smuggled out of a source country to a second one should be treated as fully kosher when shipped directly from that second country to the USA. They say that's what their anachronistic and frankly pathetic CCPIA 'should' be interpreted as saying. Nuts, unless you are an unscrupulous blaggard who really wants to buy freshly smuggled artefacts.

In my post, of course, there was a general point made (which escapes Mr Tompa) and there was no specific mention of an Egyptian MOU. Quite clearly some US coineys just don't get it, and have problems with logical thought and putting facts together.


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