Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Crook "Detectorists" Soon to Air

"For years British television has been screaming
out for an archaeology based sit-com... hasn't it?

Slackjaw detectorist on the small screen
Glasgow's Donna Yates, folks, archaeologist who has her head screwed on right about UK metal detecting (sadly I cannot repeat what EAA president wrote this morning):
I am a bit horrified to say that a metal detectorist sitcom about looking for Saxon artifacts (sic) is coming to BBC4
There are those of us however hoping that a metal detecting sitcom, scripted and directed by a metal detectorist is going to be another nail in the public-image-coffin for this irreformable and erosive hobby, and if so is to be welcomed and promoted for all it is worth.

David Gill  ('The Detectorists of Suffolk' Wednesday, August 13, 2014) notes that it is about 'two metal detectorists who dream of finding a priceless Saxon hoard' dug up perhaps from undisturbed archaeological deposits for which they will then expect the British public to pay through the nose:
Are we conjuring up images of Sutton Hoo, Rendlesham, or perhaps even the Staffordshire Hoard? The series has been filmed in Suffolk, Norfolk and Suffolk and will apparently feature Orford and Framlingham. I could think of a couple of walk-in parts for the series including the North American collector who acquires Roman bronzes dug up from a Suffolk farm. But perhaps I am moving away from fiction.

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