Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Welsh Site Targeted by Artefact Hunters.

Two men with metal detectors have been searching in the ancient Llanymynech caves in Powys, a Bronze Age extraction site and then a Roman copper mine. "Roman artefacts have been found in the mine including a hoard of silver coins found by schoolboys and a number of burials in and around the mine". So there's an ancient monument where Treasure has been found in the past and these two blokes thought it was a good idea to go there with spades to see what they can find. On digging at this site, they found "a human skeleton". Police were called in to examine the remains. You don't find human bones with a metal detector, these guys were digging holes in a known ancient site. Like many other detector users, they were targeting a known site in the hope of finding archaeological material to collect.

Source: Llanymynech caves: Human remains found in ancient copper mine leads to police investigation WalesOnline Aug 12, 2014 .

UPDATE 25th August.
A reader sent me this link, commenting, "The place is pure oik bait". Now see here:  'Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Illegal Metal Detecting in Wales'

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