Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Egypt Excavations: The Dealers' Lobbyist's Demands in Context

Peter Tompa for some reason blames what he calls "the Egyptian military dictatorship" for the failure of British archaeologist Howard Carter to publish his 1922-36 excavations in KV 62. I think, in that case, he should be equally active in demanding the all sides put equal pressure on Herbert Winlock or his designated deputee for his failure to publish the excavated finds and material from his excavations on the West Bank at Luxor, done under the aegis of the Metropolitan Museum in New York (1911-13 at Malqata, 1919-21 Deir El-Bahari Mentuhotep, 1921-29 Deir El-Bahari Hatshepsut, tomb of Senenmut). This material, much of the documentation of which is in New York is also not studied in full, much of the excavated material is in store in Egypt and the Met currently has no project working on it, leaving the task up to others. The sphinxes from the Hatshepsut Temple Avenue for example are now being analysed by the Poles.  Maybe if Mr Tompa is so concerned about this problem, he should be lobbying the New York Met to finish the job they started, rather than leaving others to do it for them. Here's a film of the Winlock team in action (subtitles set for slow readers):

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