Sunday, 10 August 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "PAS Partners" in Action - Personal Threats Again a UK Tekkie Tactic

The threats to and offline harrassment of this blogger have begun again. This kind of personal attention prompts me to demonstrate what it is people like this are trying to use such tactics to prevent being examined closely. This is the side of metal detecting that the many supporters of the pat-them-on-the-head-and-they-will-behave approach want ignored. I'm starting a new series of "Focus on UK Metal Detecting". The suspension of the last two series did not last long did it? This constant and abrasive aggression (and personal threats - including death threats, or personal attacks) from certain quarters in the artefact hunting milieu is why other British  archaeologists want to stay well clear of the metal detecting issue. This is what "most of us are responsible" looks like on the ground. Toleration of this sort of behaviour, tolerance in metal detectorists' own forums and blogs (even John Winter's) of the constant goading and personal attacks is the true face of the participation of "responsible detectorists" in the heritage debate.

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