Sunday, 10 August 2014

Paul Mower

 "The video must have had some
effect however as it has created a discussional
storm, with the normal candidate adding a four pennyworth

Paul Mower (from the John Winter blog), welcome. You are quite right, normal people too do indeed have the right to argue their own opinion in a rational and balanced manner - as have you. But allowing the use of my blog for the latter, I'd appreciate if you'd repost the comment you just sent in the right place, not under the "Note to Comment Posters" where only an idiot would look for it. 

Having read what you wrote, I'd also suggest, after that false start, you might like to just spend a few minutes looking at what I've already written about the topics you raise before reposting it, to see how I am going to answer yet another rehearsal of the glib ill-thought out arguments employed unthinkingly by all metal detectorists. Cutting your comment down to just the points that have not been made and answered nine bazillion times before would save us all a lot of time.  Thanks. Fire away.

UPDATE 26.08.14
Paul Mower obviously found resending his comment to the right place on this blog too much of a mental effort, he never came back. More happy-slapping nuisance posting from the tekkies.


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