Thursday, 2 October 2014

Paterson the Ambassador of Detecting

"Grow up chum and use the objectivity you were born with – unless
of course that has been ‘educated’ out of you

"Robert Paterson" has been an artefact hunter three years, and thus like a lot of the rest of them feels entitled to threaten Heritage Action ( 01/10/2014 at 19:13) "I hope we never meet because I would be sorely tempted to let you know EXACTLY what I think of your outrageous allegations". The text to which he refers points out the difference between what metal detecting search-and-keep agreements differ from what the law of the land says they should say. Is that "outrageous" and "libel[l]ous"? Well, Mr Paterson gives no arguments based in English law to refute what HA says, just the usual tactics of denial, uncivilised tekkie aggressive and accusatory chip-on-the-shoulder whingeing, ad hominems, anti-education prejudices, and playing the victim. I think he rather misses the point.  He does, however make one claim of note (capitalisation as in original):
In my meagre three years as a detectorist having been out every weekend and often midweek in all weathers I have [...]  met retired police officers of all ranks, a marine archaeologist, numerous Company Directors, Doctors, Dentists, Local Authority employees of all levels, Civil Servants, Lawyers etc etc, as well as ‘ordinary’ decent folk … You get the drift? 
I would have thought the lawyer metal detectorists would be able to explain to him what the law says about ownership of artefacts on a third person's lands and be providing their own search-and-keep agreements on the forums as a pattern to follow. PAS is on record as saying that most of the people coming to them are from demographic groups C2 and D, yet Mr Paterson is calling them liars. 

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