Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lenborough Hoard Roundup

There has been a lot of interest in the posts on the Lenborough Hoard 'excavation' recently. Today the PAS FLO responsible for its excavation has returned from her Christmas vacation and perhaps we will soon learn the fuller details of the circumstances surrounding this event than have been available from reading the detecting forums and blogs and watching videos taken at the time. Here is a breakdown of what has been written here so far on this on a timeline.

Dec 21st 2014 (Sunday): hoard reportedly found in the late morning deeply stratified on a grassland earthwork site, the subject of a Weekend Wanderers commercial artefact hunting rally. Hoard 'excavated' and tipped out on a kitchen table by the evening.

Dec 22nd:
Christmas Dig Targets Known Site, Hoard Found but Quickly "Dealt Wiv". 

Archaeologists to try Harder Next Year? Unlikely Innit. 

Keeping it as Shallow, Superficial and Fact Free as Possible: Censorship in British Archaeology

Sympathy for Treasure Hunters

Dec 23rd

Lenborough Hoard: Hoiked on Sunday, Tipped Casually onto a Table

Responsible Artefact Retrieval: Methodology makes all the Difference

Dec 27th:

New Video: Lenborough Hoard

Bovine muscular Outreach to Night Detectorists

Dec 28th (Sunday):

Metal Detecting as or Versus Archaeology?

Will Archaeologists Break Forced Silence?

Dec 30th

Lenborough Hoard Excavated by FLO

Jan 2nd 2015:

Lenborough Hoard - Best Practice Fail

Treasure Means "Never Have to Work Again"
Jan 3rd 2015:

Fluffy Bunnies Getting British Archaeological Preservation Nowhere

Academics Lose the Thread in Metal Detector Debate (Again)

Nigel Swift has commented on this exchange :
'Hoard hoiking: it’s not just the doing that’s depressing it’s the saying!', Jan 3rd 2015.

No to Hurried Hoard Hoiking: "How to Hinder Nighthawks"

The Excavation of the Seaton Down Hoard

4th Jan 2015:

Reminder: Treasure Act Code of Practice

5th Jan 2015:

Which part of the word "conservation" do artefact hunters not understand?

Lenborough Hoard Hoik: "It Waz the FLO Wot Dun It"  

Samantha Sutton and the Great British Archaeological Paradox

7th Jan 2015:
How to excavate and study a coin hoard

(to be continued)                                                     -. - .-

And here, for good measure, is discussed another one the PAS are keeping schtum about - the Holt Hoard Hoik:

29th Dec 2014:

Dorset Hoard "Done 100% Properly"

Heritage Action on Dorset CoinHunterUK Hoard Hoik

Metal Detecting Bad Practice Again: Dorset Roman Coin Hoard Hoiked

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