Saturday, 1 August 2015

Crewkerne Commercial Metal Detecting Rally

Crewkerne Charity Metal Detecting Rally 30th Oct - 1st Nov details here, 150 participants, 24 quid each. "We have had a couple of people asking if overseas detectorists are welcome... Yes everyone is welcome, so book your flights too" but you can't take the finds back, can you? The rally organizers will no doubt be running an export-licence-sorting-out-service for finders not based in the UK, except they forgot to mention it.

Member "smelly jelly" wanted to know (Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:29 pm)
Hi, don't think it's mentioned anywhere but is ncmd insurance required [?]
and is told:
Insurance is requested and very helpful as this assures the farmers and others attending
That's the main thing lads, keep up appearances. The actual facts are less important eh? The landowner will not find out will he? Until an accident happens in which case the organizers will be liable and that 3600 quid will not go far then.


Anonymous said...

Farmer Brown seems to think overseas attendees may not be covered by the NCMD anyway.
... and much else.

I wonder if the organisers could be financially liable if Vince Vacuous from Vaginia drops a lighted cigar in the ripening corn? Have they written and asked the NCMD or the Farmer about that? Who knows.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling! Or maybe not?

Paul Barford said...

It's next to Merryland isn't it?

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