Thursday, 2 July 2015

Palmyra Busts: The Lack-Logic Lobbyist Interpretation

'ISIS Sledgehammers Palmyrene Busts' alarms a lack-logic pro-market activist, labelling it "poor stewardship" and claiming that "the destruction of portable statuary of the sort that ISIS is supposedly selling undercuts the claim that ISIS' professed iconoclasm is just a cover for looting". No, of course it does not because if the reason is these men had been arrested because they were smugglers trying to get objects on the foreign markets without ISIS authorization, the conclusion is quite the opposite. This would emphasise how strongly the trade in antiquities from the region is associated with the group and its fundraising activities, and the blurring of the faces of the three men suggests that having exercised discipline (warning what will happen if ISIL does not get its cut) it is intended that these smugglers will continue to work with their foreign contacts and put money in the pockets of ISIL.

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