Thursday, 2 July 2015

Real Numismatists, Tell it Like it is

In a February 7th update to his post postulating that it is in some way unethical for social media to be used by people who do not first present their 'qualifications' to do so in the form of a curriculum vitae or resume (which rather seems to undermine the concept of social media), Dealer Dave reckons that what I say about the nature of the discipline of numismatics is in some way controversial:
I can only observe that a great many real numismatists will regard these remarks as an almost incredible intersection of arrogance and ignorance.

Mr Welsh claims that he is the professional numismatist and I am the ignorant one. That however is after admitting he'd not done any formal learning of the subject (but unlike him, I attended a full course of seminars by Reece in London and one by Suchodolski in Warsaw as part of my course), he's not attended any academic conferences on the subject (I have been to quite a few) and not having written all that much (while I was on the editorial team of a numismatic publication for a number of years here).  I rather think Welsh is stepping out onto thin ice accusing me of knowing nothing of the subject of what real numismatics is and should be.

Anyway, if I am wrong in going public with my ideas, I am sure there are lots of academically-primed  shopkeepers who will be only too glad to discuss it and then show me wrong, no? I look forward to at last seeing a presentation of the methodology of  heap-of-loose-coins-on-a-table and how all those no-questions-asked coin SELLERS are contributing to our "knowledge of the past" in an academically meaningful way. With bibliography.

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