Sunday, 23 July 2017

In UK New Artefact Hunting Club Started up

'Responsible metal detecting' reaches out and yet another club is founded for 'citizen archaeologists', it appears anyone can join ('its about time we had a club for all thosepeople that really are pissed off with what we are expected to put up with. Itsa case of catch me if you can'):

This seems again to be about allegedly low Treasure valuations (some examples are cited which in the form given do seem rather on the low-side, I'd be interested in learning the facts of each of these cases) and delays in the valuation etc. process. Some of the responses to the proposal of a new group in response to these problems by responsible detectorists countrywide include a Steven Bailey who is still waiting for an outcome of a Roman silver ring which he handed in over 18 months ago ('I decided in Feb not to report any more of my finds'). A Scott Leitch curses 'them' and says that  he will 'never declaire anything ever again'. Somebody called Tez Sykes suggests that what is needed is a 'petition' sent to 'the British Museum FLO department' on behalf of every detectorist in the UK. One to watch.


One to look for, they've now hidden it. Which shows why we need to be looking over the shoulders of artefact hunters all the time. 

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