Thursday, 13 July 2017

MOU Comment from Mar-a-Logo?

Although this was posted anonymously, the written style closely resembles that of a well-known Twitter contributor who has received prominence recently: [a comment on the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Notice: Meetings: Cultural Property Advisory Committee  - DOS-2017-0028-0001]
It's long overdue for the State Dept. to stop rolling over and playing dead.

The countries with MOU's and would-be MOU's *never* existed in ancient times.

By denying American collectors to have the same right to collect as virtually every other country, two problems are created.

1) Tax revenues will by reduced by an estimated $50 million. GNP down a shade. Plus legal dealers will have reduced incomes for no good reason.

2) Collectibles sold by third-party countries (everyone but us) will now be significantly more expensive to Americans. Unfair.

A level playing field? No, this is a tilted playing field.
Or perhaps this kind of expression is contagious.

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