Sunday, 16 July 2017

'Really, Really Passinitly Interestid in th' Past'

One of the more easily recognizable Medieval artefact types, pilgrim badges:
Another good post John.. And very informative.. I always enjoy your posts.. But, again, had I found something like this, I would not know what it is   Micheal
The ability to observe archaeological information and record it for passing on to others requires you to know what you are looking at. Many people who go out artefact collecting with a metal detector have not the foggiest, so the activities of the average detectorist are always destructive of archaeological information. Always. PAS archaeologists, comment please.


John said...

There you go. Jumping in head first again. Micheal is a Canadian detectorist and an artefact of this nature would be rather un usual where he detects. He has made a valid comment.

Paul Barford said...

American and Canadian detectorists cannot read books about artefacts? Are they written in a different language?

Foreign detectorists do not come over to the UK to collect items to take away (for example on rallies or detecting holidays)?

My comment about the ability of random members of the public to make archaeologically valid observations on the context of deposition of the artefacts they find then discard or collect is a valid comment.

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