Sunday, 16 July 2017

You don't Need to be an Expert to Understand How the Antiquities Trade Works

Mistakes some might be making
A tongue in cheek piece commenting on Hobby Lobby's contraceptive-denying hypocrisy: Jane Ahlin 'Hobby Lobby changes the Ten Commandments ' INForum Jul 16, 2017
"You're saying you don't know about Hobby Lobby's smarmy antiquities dealings in the Middle East?" [...] did he say being asked to wire money to seven separate personal bank accounts didn't strike him as a wee bit unusual?" [...] "And did he say that mailing antiquities to Oklahoma in boxes labeled 'ceramic tiles' and 'clay tiles' wasn't to avoid U.S. Customs?" "Well...". "Well nothing, Sunshine. We're talking straight-forward stealing and lying." Mary smiled broadly. "That's why we gotta change the commandment 'thou shalt not steal' to 'thou shalt not insure contraceptives.'" [...] back then Steve Green talked about how ignorance of the Bible threatened America's future. For somebody who missed 'thou shalt not steal,' that's rich, don't you think?" [...]" Here's a guy claiming he's such a hotshot Christian, he gets to deny his employees birth control insurance coverage — which, by the way, most people including Christians see as personal and medical and none of his business — a guy who, as it turns out, has no qualms about smuggling looted antiquities for...wait for it...a Bible museum he's opening in Washington, D.C." "I see. That does sound like hypocrisy, not Christianity." "Amen to that, Sunshine."

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