Monday, 22 January 2018

Wayne Clodfelter has Designs on the Common Heritage

Interesting thread on the Dankowski Detectors 'If the US Gov shuts down, grab your detectors...

It seems Mr Clodfelter is a devotee of the argument that goes, 'if something belongs to everybody, it belongs to me, so I am entitled to take what is mine'.

Here is another one, spotted by Lynda Albertson:

 What are these people thinking? Have metal detectorists no shame?


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your response to my post in the forum. It was a "devil's advocate" post simply throwing it out there for discussion and it did generate some discussion. My main point is my belief that a government that shuts down ought to have its authority over its people shut down for the period of the shutdown, too.

As for metal detectorists and archeologists, metal detectorists probably preserve more historical artifacts than archeologists and in so doing, preserve more historical record. Archeologists want it all for themselves, and to leave it in the ground until it rots. Perhaps I am wrong, and perhaps you are, too.


Wayne Clodfelter

Paul Barford said...

I am glad that you share my opinion that the only thing preventing people like you looting the guts out of the historical heritage and pocketing it for themselves is a strong and effective government. I suspect you really do not understand the conservation argument you are criticising.

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