Saturday, 20 January 2018

"Responsibility" in words, and then the Sad Reality About Literacy.

Incendiary found, advice pls (Post by 'panzer'',  Sat Jan 20, 2018 2:29 pm)
I was digging a belting signal in an open field, relatively remote, and started to come across blueish clumps of crytallised gunk, bit more clearance showed it to be a 1kg WW2 incendiary with a heavily damaged aluminium casing with a rather nice bronze tailfin still attached. I had my little one with me so decided to rebury it for another day. I am making an assumption that this has been soaking up rainwater for 60 yrs and is likely very much inert, well the crystals certainly didn't fire up when exposed to the air anyway. Whats the guidance on this? I feel a call to EOD would be an over reaction in this case? The tailfin would look rather nice on my mantlepiece though [emoticon]
Oh, oh, isn't their that aaaa, you no, woss it called? You no, that Codey fing... the Code of, of..., um, Responsible... yeah, thass it, Responsible Metaldetecting! Woss that say then? Bury it and hope nobody hits it when hoeing the spuds next year? Gor Blimey!

Vignette: 'Burning man', courtesy of a sawdust-for-brains-detectorist who can't follow even a simple code


Nicholas Merkelson said...
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Paul Barford said...

You know what the big joke (aka scam) is Mr Merkelson? That in the UK everybody is (read: 'stakeholders are') told "everything is OK with metal detecting, we've got a Code of practice" - and that's that. Nobody actually pays much attention to what is shown in social media of the UK detecting community, which is that the fact a 'Code' exists in the UK has no relation to what detectorists do there, or think about what fellow detectorists freely admit that they do. Here is just one example of many that shows the current difference between words and deeds. So if the UK's Code is just 'words', in what way has it resolved any of the issues?

Tell me, why is it in your view "wrong" to point that out? Tell us please.

Paul Barford said...

Can you tell us please, Mr Merkelson, or are you only good at insults?

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