Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Computers, don't you just love to hate them?

If anyone is waiting for a reply to emails, wants to share some portable antiquities scandal, warn me of impending lawsuits, ask where their translated (ahem) texts are or whatever... this is just to let anyone who thinks of looking here to see if I am still alive that I'll be off-line for a while after a spectacular meltdown yesterday of my computer. So I will be spending much of the next few days hunting down and installing the backup files into the next incarnation of my machine (I am writing this on Barford Junior's old computer, on which I cannot seem to get my email account working just now).

Metal detectorists and portable antiquity fans whose ears might have pricked up at the news will be pleased to know that the manuscript of the book on the UK's Portable Antiquities Heritage was not lost, the most up to date copy is safe in England (as well as archived away on several discs). So not all is lost eh?

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