Sunday 15 February 2009

UK Artefact Hunters Leak Illegal "Metal Detecting" Survey Results

Most of us have to wait until tomorrow to learn about the results of the survey into illegal metal detecting in the UK. Over on the UKDN metal detecting forum however one of the artefact hunters (jcmaloney, an NHS worker from Gloucester) has somehow managed to get his hands on the press release (from whom he does not say) and although it's supposed to be embargoed until tomorrow,on Friday afternoon posted it up for discusion, calling it a " devisive (sic) wedge that achieves nothing". Far from it, if the press release is anything to go by, it is rather more revealing than we were led to believe from the PAS-centred leaks earlier. I'll discuss it tomorrow.


J C Maloney said...

Hello Mr Barford,

For your information the press release was posted on archaeological fora on Friday afternoon as well.
I prefer the description "Salvager of artefacts at risk from agricultural destruction and out of archaeological context" to plain artefact hunter.
Finally I am not from Gloucester,that is nothing short of libel sir !!

Kind regards

John Maloney

Paul Barford said...

Leicester then.
So what "archaeological" forum would that be then? I do not see any message on any archaeological forum on the topic before the launch. And what kind of a fox would post it there I wonder?

You may prefer to call it what you want, this is my blog and "artefact hunter" is what the game is called here. The self-justificatory hogwash about "out of" archaeological context and "agricultural destruction" as is the definition of "saving" is fully discussed in my book. It is just that, self-justificatory hogwash. You can try and tell it to the ACCG.

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