Monday, 23 February 2009

Looking for the Anti-Antique Lefties

A few weeks ago I mentioned an article claiming to be “World Coin News” in which Richard Giedroyc a numismojournalist implicated me in something or other. I pointed out that the gentleman had not really grasped the gist of the China MOU which he was moaning about and suggested his readers might be better served if he checked out the facts before setting pen to paper.

Lo and behold, Mr Giedroyc has just come up with another one ( Cultural Patrimony Policy Still a Concern ), again sycophantically quoting the Executive Director of coin delers' lobby group ACCG. Giedroyc now demonstrates his belief that it is only "socialists" who are interested in conservation and people obeying the law. Astounding (he should meet my Mum, a true blue Thatcherite conservationist).

Where are these mythical Left wing archaeologists in the United States allegedly "against private ownership of any antique item regardless of how it was acquired"? Can Mr Giedrojc provide his readers a few references to statements such as this but made by these people themselves (and are not just words which numismoprovocateurs have put into their mouths)? Otherwise we'd be justified in concluding that this is at best alarmist overinterpretation and at worst simple myth-making to persuade collectors that they need the ACCG to "watch their backs' (sic) for them. Are the problems in getting new members so acute that the organization has to rely on misrepresentation and scare tactics to recruit them?

Who are these anti-antique-ownership "lefties" ? Name them and shame them ACCG !! Mr Giedrojć?

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Marcus Preen said...

Mr Barford, while not wishing to drag your blog into socio-political waters, it ought to be observed that there is a sizeable body of US sentiment that sees anything that threatens it's own "freedom" to "own" as wicked, a threat to apple pie and of course "socialist". Anyone that doubts this should spend five minutes watching Fox News.

It's a stance that many find uninformed but when it is dragged up to imply that those who oppose unrestricted privatisation of cultural objects are shamefully leftist it's just a joke, a desperate attempt to provide a justification for naked self-interest.

Tut tut, Mr Giedrojc. by all means let's talk about private rights v public interest but let us not throw in Stalin the bogey man else one side won't be able to speak for laughing at you!

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