Tuesday 26 May 2009

"He is at it again"

The dealer known as "Roman Peddler" writes on Moneta-L forum (spelling etc. as in the original):
Our favorite Hypocritical Archeologist is at it again.He cr5ies about Culturallooting and then on a blog he accuses (without evidence two dealers od sellingBristish Dugups and makes it sound illegal without proof.He then takes ThePhotos of two dealers and also private pictures from an ace gathering and
putsthem up on his Blog.Shame! Shame !! Sahme on the archeologist. FRrom Ole HonestJoe as he called me.
I assume since he refers to my street market-patois allusion and references to the photos used on this blog, he means me ("hypocritical"?). Do I make it sound illegal? Is it legal to sell coins in the United States which have been exported legally from the United Kingdom? Yes, so 'Roman Peddlar' can show us the export licence which all such finds require to leave the country legally, and everything is fine. I am sure he has one.

The photo of "two dealers" to which he refers is in fact a scene from a stage production of Oliver Twist. I am sure Mr Peddler will recognise the two characters (anyone who reads the blog will realise it is an allusion to the supply process of no-questions-asked dealing). As for the "private pictures from an ACE gathering", they are not private, they are used as promotional material on the ACE website, and I gave a link to where the original photo comes from - I think this falls under 'fair use'. The photo however was not used in reference to Mr Peddler (although the post refers to another dealer's "Suffolk dugups"). It illustrates a post on ACE's Scott Uhrick's request to coin sellers - it shows Mr Uhrick so the reader can put a face and person to the words.

Anyhow Mr Peddler was advised by John Hooker how to proceed in the case of "intellectual property theft", but instead writes:

Thanks for the link on the intellectual theft but after a lawter friend viewed the article he says that it became a matter of libel which I may chose to persue.

Another one wants to "have the law" on those who discuss the antiquities trade. I expect the ACCG can point Mr Blazick to a good lawter.

But wait a minute... Over on "Uncleaned Coins" we read the following:

http://coinarchaeology.blogspot.com/2009/05/having-cake-and-eating-it-too.html Seems that we have a hyprocrite on blogs.Likes to cry that people who get coins from England are looters because he dont know the route and how coins get topeople.They are guilty first.Well Mr.BUMford,seems it is not on the up and up topublish other peoples photos without their permission and a group is lookinginto what legal actions they can take.Last I will say about your characterassaination. SIGNED HONEST JOE!
The name is BARford, and Mr Peddler (who turns out to be Joe Blazick) seems to be confusing this blog with somebody else's. Looking at his written style, I wonder if he actually knows what the word "hypocrite" means? Well, it's not the "last" word, as the next day (as we saw above), he wrote about the same thing to Moneta-L.

I note in addition to the "English" lot, he has recently been selling "Austrian dugups from Vien[n]a" too and patronising some of the Bulgarian bulk sellers.

Since US coin dealers and collectors are currently kicking up such a fuss that to give this blog a bit of visual interest, I showed a photo of what ACE's Scott Ulrick looks like doing numismatic outreach among American youth, I decided to remove the photo from the blog. No big loss, I hope that makes them all deleriously happy. Now I think that a good starting point before Mr Peddler/Blazick or anyone else threatens any more legal action, we'd like to see the UK export licences for those two lots of "English dugup" coins. Now, the PAS would too I believe.

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