Friday 22 May 2009

Who can sell ACE some "dugups"?

The so-called Ancient Coins for Education guys in the US are at it again. They now want some "dugups" to "prime the pump" and get more US kids hooked on collecting ancient coins. Any old numismatic "dugups", as long as they are Roman or "Classical", export licence optional, it would seem. In a message to the Moneta-L discussion list Connecticut coin collector Scott Uhrick writes:
Ancient Coins for Education is ramping up for our upcoming school year and needs to find a supplier or suppliers of the coins we use in the program. As you might know the kids attribute the coins as part of the program, so a decent obverse legend is far more important than coin type or rarity. If they are all "FEL TEMP", "GLORIA EXERCITAS", etc... that is fine. This first purchase will be of about a thousand coins with more orders to follow over the course of the year.If anyone [can] supply these please contact me at ....
I wonder why they would be searching for a source when the United States is awash with uncleaned bulk lots of Roman coins from Balkan potato fields and Suffolk dugups are not unknown? Has there been a hiccup in their usual source of supply - donations from bulk dealers?

Mr Uhrick and all you "educators" raising the standards of classical education in the US, "Gloria what"? [it is a fourth declension noun].

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Paul Barford said...

Scott Uhrick wrote on Moneta-L:

"I hesitate to participate in this discussion for fear I will get my picture posted again in Barford's blog (hey Paul - if you really want to embarrass me there are some pictures of me in a 1970's polyester suit online you can steal). I hardly see why a photo of somebody doing outreach about ancient culture to kids should be any kind of "embarassing" sight. It seems to me somebody has some kind of a complex about what they are doing and maybe how they are going about it, but a photo of a bloke sitting in a chair talking to an attentive young boy is hardly anything controversial (is it?). But I have taken the photo down and have no need of polyester suit shots to illustrate any portable antiquity issues, thank you very much.

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