Wednesday, 27 May 2009

"He is still at it again"

Over on the Moneta-L forum - as its name sugests a forum for coin collectors, John Hooker is still giving advice to Joe Blazic about his "English dugups" being queried on an archaeological resource protection advocacy blog or two. He advises against suing for libel:
If you believe that there was an actual intent to harm you, then skip that response and instead, approach the owner of the site if it is blogging site (such as was used here). [...] They will order that the images be removed and may even ban the client from their site. The next level of attack is to advise the violator's employer, publisher or affiliated organizations of the infringement. If the violator holds an academic post, this is especially effective as plagiarism of any form is ruthlessly dealt with by academia.
"attack"? The reader can draw their own conclusions why portable antiquity collectors woiuld like to get certain persons banned from blogging and even get their "employers, publishers or affiliated organizations" to silence them. I suppose trying to shut up the critics is easier than actually addressing the issues they raise. Mr Blazick has still not provided an enquirer the URL of the blog that he is so flustered about - could it be that he has himself discovered that he called Nathan Elkins "BUMford"?


Paul Barford said...

What tangled webs we weave. In reply to the request for details of where "BUMford the hypoicritical archaeologist" who had called him "Ole Honest Joe" had attacked/libelled/plagiarised or whatever Blazick, "Romanpeddler" has now posted a link to NATHAN's Blog on Moneta-L.

Mr Peddler writes: "He" (who "BUMford" or Elkins?)"is on my case for legally buying 72 uncleaned mcoins,Tony Jaworski for legally buying a larger quantity and the the ACE organization which I was involved in starting 8 years ago.He used scans without permission then made refences to the fact that he surmised without proof that I was selling bronze coins that were found by detectorist." The last bit is rather difficult to make out. Somebody surmised that Joe Blazick was "selling bronze coins that were found by [a] detectorist". Well, he certainly is selling bronze coins, the text referred to all along was a sales offer. Oh, I see, these are bronze coins that were in fact brought to America by the coin elves. More "proof" they exist?

Marcus Preen said...

Blimey, has there been some sort of time-slip and is Mr Hooker speaking direct from the National Socialist Organization for Propaganda and People's Enlightenment (Reichsring fuer National-sozialistische Propaganda und Volksaufklaerung)?

“Ze next level of attack is to advise ze violator's employer, publisher or affiliated organizations of ze infringement....”

Still, no-one’s all bad. I can just imagine him fondly stroking a white cat on his knee as he wrote that. And maybe I’m misjudging him. Perhaps he’s just plain bonkers -

“If the violator holds an academic post, this is especially effective as plagiarism of any form is ruthlessly dealt with by academia.”

...completely oblivious to the fact that whatever you are supposed to have done or not done it most certainly, categorically isn’t plagiarism. So what sort of lawyer would publicly offer advice that was not merely undignified and disreputable, but entirely incorrect? A collecting-advocacy lawyer I hear you say. Ah, all is now clear.

Paul Barford said...

Wrong regime, what you are describing was more characteristic of the "People's democracies". Yes, Mr Hooker's definition of the notion of "plagiarism" seems pretty daft.

But anyway, since they were getting hot under the collar about a side issue instead of addressing the main issue I was writing about (as usual), I took down the photo of ACE's Mr Uhrick doing his outreach about classical culture.

Now perhaps Mr U. will decline "exercitus" for us.

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