Thursday, 9 September 2010

"Please do not implement new import restrictions on Greek cultural property".

"Please do not implement new import restrictions on Greek cultural property [...]. Please take the above into consideration and do not implement the law" writes one Emily McLaughlin. The "above" are the five points she was told to make by the ACCG and the coin dealers' lobby, the only original thought here is her request not to protect Greek archaeological artefacts at all. Philistine.

As of today there are 118 public submissions on the website referring to the proposed MOU with Greece about imports of illegally exported cultural property, almost all of them objections to the idea by coineys. Almost all of them repeating the same five points they were ytold to make by the ACCG and the US coin dealers, over and over again.

They seem to be running out of steam, the coiney campaign against the Italy MOU went a lot quicker, probably they felt happier making use of the more anonymous V-coins "fax wizard" than this public version. There's just two weeks to go for a few more archaeologists and preservation-minded members of the public (like a few more SAFE members) to make a few cogent points to offset all the coiney off-topic waffle.

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