Saturday, 18 September 2010

"Clarification" on [What was Said About] Missing Iraqi Artifacts

The Press Office of the Iraqi Embassy in Washington has issued a text which it says is a "clarification on Missing Iraqi Artifacts", which at first sight looked like it was going to be good news. Readers may remember that when a new batch of recovered artefacts was handed over in Washington on 7th September, the Iraqi ambassador assured the US participants that they were concerned to find out what had happened to the last lot recovered as a result of US efforts. The text of the clarification issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington ten days after the issue was raised merely reiterates what the Ambassador said and the background to why he said it. Text here:Clarification on Missing Iraqi Artifacts. Somehow I feel this is not really the sort of "clarification" we were expecting. It is odd that it is the US embassy in Washington that is clarifying what was said, and not the office of the prime minister back in Iraq clarifying what was done. Where are the missing Iraqi artefacts that were recovered through the hard work of the US authorities?

UPDATE: a few days after this was issued, it turned out that they have been found and an awkward situation resolved - see here.

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