Sunday 22 December 2013

The Metal Detecting Show 2014

At the end of May 2014, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre - a breeze-block built hangar tacked on to a farm building outside Leamington Spa will host a major new show for all Metal Detectorists and Treasure Hunters:
THE METAL DETECTING SHOW [...] will prove hugely popular with metal detectorists and collectors alike. It will bring together the very best of detecting technology from many sources together with a wide range of knowledgeable specialist suppliers. Visitors will be able to view and purchase the very latest products plus accessories which will enable them to enjoy their hobby to the full – a one stop shopping experience. A Coin and Artefact area where Auction Houses and Coin Dealers can be present will add to the interest and give visitors the opportunity to show and discuss their finds with the advisers present [and no doubt a good deal of no-questions-asked buying and selling of artefacts will be going on - PMB].
This "show" is being organized by Meridienne Exhibitions (the model train people) "working closely with our sponsor Treasure Hunting magazine" (the same one that sponsors PAS). They will be "presenting a number of features within the exhibition hall, whilst in the lecture rooms adjacent to the hall we will have talks on metal detecting and finds by acknowledged experts enabling visitors to obtain the most from their visit".  What will be absent is a picket of UK archaeologists handing out leaflets about the no-questions-asked antiquities trade and the exploitation of archaeological sites as "mines" for collectable artefacts. I imagine though the PAS will be there with a display of Treasure probably right between the antiquity dealers and the Treasure Hunter trade stand. 

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