Friday, 27 December 2013

The Boxing Day Hunt

UPDATE 27.12.13:
Heritage Action mirrored my post on their Heritage Journal, and pretty quickly got a reaction from someone who apparently preferred to comment there than here:
mark 27/12/2013 at 12:54 Sorry but that’s offensive. You may not agree with metal detecting but that is going too far. You may think you and your sidekick barford are hilarious but you’ve overstepped this time [...].
Obviously not everyone thinks ripping a fox to pieces for "fun" is "offensive", otherwise there would not have been the Boxing Day meets yesterday. I'd like to think "Mark" was out there haranguing them.

We do however live in a society where I have the right to express my own personal opinion (and even get emotional about it) that ripping archaeological sites and assemblages to pieces for fun is also environmentally offensive. By the same token, Mark has the right to say what he thinks about the means by which I choose to do that. I would, however, prefer him to do it to my face, rather than being cowardly and sneaking it away onto somebody else's website. OK, Mark?

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Superb.
Same issue - Me me me!

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