Sunday, 4 September 2016

Pottery Found Next to Pyramids on EBay - Why?

Now who'd be selling something like this? What kind of piracy is suggested by the fact that the seller does not include even a smidgen of information allowing it to be determined that this pocket-sized artefact fragment was removed from the site legally and left the source country in the proper manner? It is pirate dealers like this that get the (truly) legitimate trade a bad name. Both we and responsible collectors (I'm guessing there are some) need to get cowboys like this off the market leaving it free for those who can actually source material which they can properly document as licit and, in order to maintain a deserved reputation, refuse to stock that which they cannot.

Massive Old Kingdom Amphora Pottery Shard - from Giza.As old as the pyramids, and found next to them. A massive fragment from an Old Kingdom (2649 - 2150 BC) pottery amphora, found at Giza.. 14cm x 9cm x 4cm, 379 grams (13½ ounces)

This dealer (pennylilac (365 ) eschewing any notions of accountability has been on ebay since 2001 and also deals in faded Victorian postage stamps and other bric a brac.  I wonder what qualifications this guy even has for knowing what it is he has in his puffy hand - he guarantees the 'authenticity' of his other Egyptian artefacts, I'd like to know what experience he has of handling genuinely grounded artefacts from proper (not looters') excavations only. 

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