Thursday 28 September 2017

Another false claim about metal detecting

Archaeologist Kurt Adams, the Gloucestershire and Avon finds
liaison officer, said
: [...] “Most amazing of all is a complete and finely
 detailed standing dog statue, which is a unique find for British archaeology.”
Well, it would be if it were not for the fact that it is not...
A rather odd looking doggie statue, said to be 'Roman' has been found by artefact hunters exploiting an archaeological site in Gloucestershire as a source of collectables (Press Association, 'Metal detectorists unearth unique hoard of Roman artefacts' Guardian   27 September 2017):
 A lucky metal detector enthusiast’s breathtaking find is a first in British history, according to archaeologists. A hoard of ancient Roman bronze artefacts includes a sculpture of a “licking” dog never found before in Britain. The 4th-century discovery was made by metal detectorists Pete Cresswell and his brother-in-law Andrew Boughton in Gloucestershire.
Stuff and nonsense, archaeologists need to check out their facts before speaking to the press. Like looking at other stuff in other collections first:
Housed in the Archaeology collections are 2 small dog figurines, part of a group of objects found at Llys Awel, Conwy. [...] The dogs are made from copper alloy and are about 5cm tall. They are seated with tails between their legs and tongues sticking out, as if in the action of licking. The figures are incredibly detailed with eyes, ears, nose, paws and fur texture well defined. They were probably made by the lost wax process, so there was only one chance to get the metal casting right. One dog was cast as a single piece, but the other revealed a slightly more complicated construction.
Penny Hill, 'The Healing Power of Dogs', Collections Amgueddfa Cymru — National Museum Wales 5 March 2014.


Hidden History said...

Drop it Barford, or I will be back to fucking haunt you! How is that fucking heart of your's, is it still ticking? IF you want to fight you fine, but remember, I downed your site for 6 fucking weeks, I will come back if you want the agro!

Paul Barford said...

Doyen of Gloucestershire detectorists (he thinks), foul-mouthed Steve Taylor folks. I've been fighting for 'best practice' among detectorists for years, before Mr Taylor turned up - it is a shame that metal detectorists do not seem so keen to do the same.

GRP Blog 2014 said...

The cheap jibe calling Mr Cresswell a 'lucky' detectorist then goes on to say he's exploiting a site.

All very transparent. You'd be out of club within a week with your stinking attitude.

Paul Barford said...

Do you see the indent Mr GRP? And when yo've spotted that, I wonder if you could stretch your mind a bit and see that this implies this was a quotation taken out of the Guardian article I am discussing? You see that? So I suggest you take your pathetic comment about their "stinking attitude" to the Guardian newspaper. What I think of what Mr Cresswell did to that site and that deposit is set out elsewhere. But what I am willing to bet is that he was not expelled from any club of so-called "responsible detectorists" because that is an empty, meaningless phrase. Isn't it?

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