Friday 29 September 2017

Not only for Collecting (or 'Study'), UK Artefact Hunters Discuss Possible Use of a Find

According to the dialogue on the film 'CTX 3030 Finds me a Roman hoard', the dog figure from Crazy Cressy and Andy's 'OUR Roman field hoard' may not come onto the market, subject to landowner approval:
Screen shot selected and captured by PMB from CrazyCressy7's You Tube film in public domain, fair use for comment and criticism 
Here is what they say about this doggie on the bonnet:
"We might not 'and this in, this moight look betta on Andy's bonnet  t' be honest... le'ss givit a go...  There you go, it's perfect, Rolls Royce style, [yeah I like that] [...] If I drilled a 'ole through there, through the back [yeah], bolt right the way through the bonnet, and jus' bolt it down
Why would anyone say such a thing? The mind boggles.

Screen shot selected and captured by PMB from CrazyCressy7's You Tube film in public domain, fair use for comment and criticism
Comments on the utter crassness of these people who the British Museum would have us believe are to be considered 'citizen archaeologists', anyone?


domino said...

I think these people have acted responsibly on how the hoard was recovered and reported. The days of Barfordisation are over, move on with the times, as you are washed up Mr Barford, Looking through your records, it looks like you were never regarded as a proper archaeologist when you lived in Britain all those years ago!

Paul Barford said...

I would say, Mr Adams, that anyone concerned about the preservation of the archaeological record who sees that film and concludes that there is even a smidgen of 'responsibility' there is the one washed up. And for you, what is a 'proper archaeologist'? Is what we see PAS-partners doing in this film 'proper archaeology' and 'best practice'?

David Knell said...

He says early on that "there is tons and tons of shit down there" but God forbid he should then immediately stop and call archaeologists to excavate the site properly. No, he just carries on grabbing stuff out of his crude hole in the ground. He says "hopefully it will help towards building our great history we have in the UK" below the video - too selfish and ignorant to realise he helped destroy it by brutally trashing the stratigraphy and context.

Paul Barford said...

but the Portable Antiquities Scheme was set up in order to dispel precisely such ignorance and discourage this type of grabby selfishness among these people. Note that the two of them bopast they've between then 'forty years' of artefact hunting experience. Forty years, presumably, doing more or less what we see in this video - despite the existence of the PAS for twenty of those years. Appalling. Their FLO has nothing to be complacent about here.

Anonymous said...

I presume that's not Kurt Adams the FLO, who is presumably educated and intelligent, but a sockpuppet using his name. We have a lot of trouble from simple minded detectorists trying to disguise their identities. Very often, perhaps 50% of the time, they claim they are archaeologists and another 50% change their gender and become "Rosie" or somesuch. But a false FLO is a new phenomenon. Brightened my Sunday.

Paul Barford said...

In Bonkers Britain, even educated and intelligent folk support artefact hunting and the collectors' "rights" to do it how they want, if they like (is' voluntry you know M8"). Adams is a common name of course but I have written to the FLO of that name to check if that message from that ISP was from him.

Anonymous said...

It's true that some (but how many?) educated and intelligent folk support artefact hunting but I never met one who wasn't a collector or artefact hunter who supports collectors' "rights" to do it how they want. I'm sure Mr Adams the FLO doesn't - although his reticence is obviously interpreted otherwise by those who want to. That's yer PAS in a nutshell for yer, cheerleading by silence.

Paul Barford said...

Monday morning, I get a message from the FLO:
>> Hi, Can you please remove those posts as I have never left any comment on your website. Plus I do not hold an account with the service that your website is hosted by. Moreover, if I were to reply I would be doing it in a much more informed way that just name calling. Kind regards, Kurt [Kurt Adams Website: Gloucestershire and Avon Finds Liaison Officer Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery Queen's Road, Bristol BS8 1RL ].

My reply, annoyed by that "if" - keeping the public informed is his job, and the fact that he's never left a comment on a blog discussing heritage policy is nothing at all for him to feel proud about:
>>So, are we going to get a proper comment on what that film shows and where that sword is and what you think of all this? I would be grateful for some more informed reply than the irritating evasive crap we are currently getting from the Head of the Scheme. Adams is not an uncommon name, this Kurt Adams does not say he’s an FLO. Post a comment clarifying this is not you, if you like.<<

Seems fair to me. Anyway, he's obviously going to hide from my readers what he thinks of this whole affair, so as not to upset "CrazyCressy7" and his brother-in-law "Andy" and their mates - but I can assume he does not support the view that these people have acted responsibly in the manner in which the hoard was recovered :
>>If you can make it clear that these post are not from me I would be grateful.
Kind regards,

So let me make it crystal clear, the comments at the head of this comments thread are by an identity thief who has stolen Kurt Adams' identity and wants the world to believe that the FLO says what was done with that 'Gloucestershire hoard' by the grabby finders was 'responsible', and the person claiming to be a FLO is at the moment refusing to deny it in the comments under my discussion of it

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