Friday 29 September 2017

The British Museum is 'Very Concerned'

There is some correspondence going on at the moment between myself, Nigel Swift and Michael Lewis in the BM (the FLO is staying quiet for the moment) about the method of recovery of the 'Roman-licking- doggie - hoard-from-somewhere-in-Gloucestershire'. Just for the record, this is part of what the BM guy said:
I am doubtful Paul's blog would say we raised this with PAS and they (me) were horrified by the excavation video? <
Here we go then. 'Paul's blog' is about presenting the truth about artefact hunting, collecting and the antiquities trade. I sent the PAS and FLO a link last night to the video showing the actual method of discovery of the hoard being splashed all over the news as an example of the 'benefits' archaeology allegedly gets from working with hoikers.  I do not think anyone would be surprised by the news that the reply I got was that they were 'very concerned' to see the same video that four and a half thousand others have in the month since it was posted up. So for the record, the PAS is 'very concerned'. The rest of us are indignant. 

Get over there now and look at it, my guess is that video is going to disappear now the BM is 'very concerned' about it.

Yep, video gone. 

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