Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Metal detectin' in Hi-vis: Look Like an Arkie [UPDATED]

The seven posts in the thread thread 'Civil war battlesites' on a metal detecting forum near you, where the PAS never go, can hardly be said to be epitomes of responsible Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record and best practice (post by chrisbham » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:34 pm) [PS see update, here is the cached version]: 
Hi all, So (sic) I was having a wonder (sic) down a public footpath boarding (sic) my new permission and up walks a guy and asks what I found (sic) etc. I didn't know who he was so stressed I wasn't detecting in that specific area as it wasn't my permission. Long story short, lots of the surround (sic) land is his and he offers me permission for his land (which is packed with REALLY interesting history) and we exchange details, which includes a (sic) undetected civil war battlesite where only he has had a swing himself and found musket balls around. I've found reports online about the battle which from the archaeological report which also states no official metal detecting survey has been completed. Legally am I allowed to detecting on the battlefield field? It's on private land, but is a registered battle site with public foot paths. Besides the legality of it I wouldn't want others seeing me there with a detector and assume it's a free for all so perhaps a hi-vis to look official? Advise? Cheers
Detecting on battlefields... rings a bell, doesn't it? Best practice... ummm....

Another one using archaeological reports to target areas from which to grab artefacts for their collection. How ironic he's worried at drawing attention of other artefact hunters (that's the ones that absolutely cannot read, I guess) to this known site.

UPDATE 16.03.16

If you follow the link I gave you'll now see this:
Information The requested topic does not exist.
The Tekkie thought-police have been active again.I think the idea is to get rid of the incriminating evidence that UKtekkiedom is not actually, really, the nice citizeny-archaeologyish thing that it is incessantly portrayed as, but how telling it is that even the moderators of this hotbed of pretend-responsibility cannot actually spot a dodgy post on their own forum until a helpful archaeoblogger points it out to them. 

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The thread has disappeared. Of course. Makes yer proud to be British.

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