Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Operation to Smuggle Iraqi Artefacts out of the Country.Thwarted

Breaking: Iraq's military intelligence announce that they've thwarted a major operation to smuggle Iraqi artefacts out of the country.
 In a statement, it said that in continuation of its approach to carrying out effective counter-attacks to track out lawbreakers, drug dealers, counterfeiters and smugglers, and to arrest them and bring them to justice, military intelligence officers, in a proactive and courageous operation in cooperation with the economic security in Wasit province, managed to penetrate a gang to smuggle antiquities A smuggling operation for relics and the arrest of smugglers in a tight container. She added that the smugglers were surrounded in the district of Nu'maniyah in Wasit province and the two wheels used in the smuggling operation with the smugglers after hiding the effects in a way that does not raise suspicion, but will not fool the military intelligence officers who were monitoring the movements of smugglers first Powell. She noted that a collection of rare antiquities was found inside the two wheels, including 22 archaeological pieces in the form of rare statues dating back to antiquity, 6 pieces of stones called rare stone and precious stones, " The experts estimated the value of the smuggled effects tens of millions of dollars, and smugglers have been referred to the judiciary in accordance with the provisions of Article 44 / Q Law Antiquities No. 55 of 2002.]\
Lawbreakers, drug dealers, counterfeiters and smugglers, and antiquities dealers. Collector: do you know whose hands your artefacts passed through?

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