Wednesday 9 January 2019

Artefact Hunters Know How to Get 'Hidden' Information from PAS Database

Nighthawks can do it too
Shhh, its supposed to be a secret.
Andrew Ellis 35 mins Good evening All, a quick question, when the FLO asks where an item of potential treasure was found, how accurate do you have to be, an exact grid reference, a particular field, farm, parish or town? Many thanks.
Reply (Graham Derham  "if treasure, land owners name address phone number, exact spot where you found it as well. you can ask for spot to be masked so only they can see it|" but there is an easter egg:
John Maloney ^^^^ this. Insist the find spot is "to be known as".... although there is a flaw on the database that shows exact find spots. I could tell you how but I would have to kill you after. ;-)
A metal detectorist knows this to be the case:
Graham Derham John Maloney yes there is a flaw but nothing can do about it 
Mr Maloney is optimistic:  
John Maloney Graham Derham there is something they could do but its a big job.
Graham Derham John Maloney yes , but hey once the treasure out then its not in the field and if the farmer is a nice farmer then he wont let others go looking for more
Hey, wan't the idea to "protect farmers' from those who'll go there without asking permission? 

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