Tuesday 1 January 2019

Israel Displays Archaeological Finds Looted From West Bank

Israeli occupation of 'West Bank' continues
International law bars an occupying military from displaying antiquities outside the occupied area. But (Nir Hasson, 'Israel Displays Archaeological Finds Looted From West Bank' Haaretz Jan 01, 2019). The exhibition is part of the Israeli story invoking the need to preserve culture as a justification of their activities as occupier. Through their media they constantly promote the narrative that archaeological remains in the occupied territory must be 'saved from' the Palestinians.
Culture Minister Miri Regev sent a video address in which she said the exhibition’s importance is to “expose the historical connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and Judea and Samaria.” “Archaeology reveals how much this country is our home,” Ben Dahan said, and added that Palestinian antiquities thieves “rob and destroy in order to disconnect us from our land.” Even though most of the artifacts on display are from non-Jewish cultures, including the lamps decorated with crosses, pagan idols and a figurine of a naked woman.
There is a picture-essay here (Sharon Altshul, ' Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Features Recovered Antiquities (Video & Photo Essay)' Baltimore Jewish Life 12/31/18).

The Israeli military has an archaeology unit that is responsible for excavations in most of the West Bank, land captured by Israel in 1967 and sought by Palestinians for an independent state. According to an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, the status of the West Bank — and the artefacts found there — are to be negotiated in eventual peace talks. Until then, the military archaeologists continue to dig and grant excavation permits to Israeli academics to dig in the West Bank.

A PAS Liaison Officer went on record in support of the handling of artefacts looted in the Israeli occupied zone  and their exhibition in Jerusalem  ('the work Hananya Hezmi is doing seems very worthy'). I guess if you handle the products of Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record in one country, it is difficult to express concern about similar ethical breaches in another country...

See among others,
Daniel Estrin, 'In West Bank, Israeli And Palestinian Archaeologists Both Lay Claim To Heritage' NPR February 16, 2017.

Dylan Bergeson, 'The Biblical Pseudo-Archeologists Pillaging the West Bank' The Atlantic , Feb 28, 2013

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