Sunday, 7 April 2019

Metal Detectorists and an Audi Sought [Updated in Disbelief]

Two people who tried to stop looters near the site of the chariot burial in Pocklington were the subject of a serious assault and are now in hospital. It is being reported that one was hit in the face with a spade and had 30 stitches and the other has a broken leg where they driven over by the car. The first four numbers of the car reg may be BDO6. Do you know who uses a silver Audi estate or similar car who is involved in illegal metal detecting in Yorkshire? If you do call 101 quoting log 20 - 06/04/19. A similar car was involved in an assault around midnight 06/04/19 near Pocklington. Presumably the same detectorists may have used the vehicle to turn up to any one of a number of commercial artefact hunting rallies up and down the country. No doubt a 'responsible detectorist' or two will be sending the police a few names very soon.

UPDATE 8th April 2019
From an archaeological forum near you:
Paul Blinkhorn Well, I've shared the details on Twitter and have had c 100 re-tweets. All from archaeologists or people with an interest in the past.. From detectorists, so far, and very noticeably, none.
and then somebody who apparently has no issues with ripping up an archaeological site just to get a few collectable trophies for personal entertainment and profit:
Liz Tideswell I can't, and won't, allow this to become a general detectorist bashing post. There are many good people within the community whom work within the existing laws and with archaeologists. 

 and then, almost immediately afterwards:
An admin turned off commenting for this post.
unbelievable, one bloke gets his head smashed in with a spade, the other hit by a car, both of them (if not archaeologists) concerned with protecting the archaeological record from damage by Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record and a major archaeological forum blocks discussion of it to avoid criticising artefact hunters.


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