Saturday, 20 April 2019

Suffolk Artefact Hunter Imagines a Variant Prehistory

Another UK 'citizen archaeologist' has some of his collection on sale on eBay. The biggest item offered by trea-9787 (1 ) from Woodbridge, United Kingdom is a HUGE! Palaeolithic flint hand axe/tool. (UK) bifaced, sharpened hand axe/chopper for only GBP 79.99 Approximately US $104.06. The description reads:
Hefty, flint-struck Palaeolithic hand axe/chopper (East Anglia, UK). Worked flint, sharp edged, just lovely. Beautifully balanced ancient hand axe/chopper. length: 160mm, width: 100mm, weight: 600g approx.
The photo gives a pretty good idea of this individual's personal hygiene and also reveals that what he sees as a tool is a frost-cracked flint nodule. Just a stone. He's got another cracked natural flint nodule for sale too:
HIGHLY UNUSUAL left-handed Early paleolithic flint hand axe (UK). Worked flint, sharp edged, just lovely. This ancient tool has surely been made for use by a left-handed person. I discovered this when I first picked it up; being left-handed, my fingers sit in the grooves perfectly. Beautifully balanced Palaeolithic cordate hand axe. length: 180mm, width (widest point): 130mm, tapering to 70mm. weight: 650g approx.
And its just a stone and any 'grooves' are natural. Whether or not it sits comfortably in his grubby hand, it is not a palaeolithic tool.

The same seller is offering NEOLITHIC TOOLS! Beautiful collection of scrapers/cutters for GBP 15.00 Approximately US $19.51
Item specifics Colour: Various, Material: Stone/Flint, Type: Tools, AMAZING NEOLITHIC HAND TOOLS STONE AGE/PREHISTORIC TOOLS. Beautiful hand-worked scrapers and cutters from Paleolithic/Neolithic Period. Found within 10 miles of Sutton Hoo burial grounds.

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