Thursday, 18 April 2019

The Problem with 'Self-Recording': Citizen Archaeologist Does Their Own Identifications

The British Museum calls finders of archaeological objects "citizen archaeologists" (because ''they dig up old fings'). So here's another one that has done his own identifications and put their finds online for all to see (and someone to buy). Pagesgreen (235 Feedback score: 235islooking for a trusting buyer for their 'Neolithic Stone Age Tools Original Artifacts(11)':
 Item specifics Material: Stone Neolithic Stone Age Tools Original Artifacts(11). The stone tools measurements are between 1 to 4 inches. Provenance: Ownership History Not Available
bidding starting at US $99.99 or Buy it Now price US $199.99

Here they are displayed on a curtain lining, on a grubby table place mat.

Previously they've sold some Native American (Neolithic) points , some (repro?) obsidian points  among a most egregious collection of tack.

This illustrates the problem we have with finders doing self recording, not all of these homegrown 'experts' have the metal application or resources, or the opportunity to actually accumulate real expertise in the correct identification of artefacts. Many of them apply the process of a 'looks like' comparison ('its long and pointy, it is a spearhead innit?'). Click on the photo above, how many are natural bashed stones, how many are naturally bashed stones that could have been modified to look more like artefacts? How many look like artefacts, but could be fakes, and how many could even be real artefacts but the photo is so crappy you cant be sure? A 100 dollar guessing game and trap for the unwary and uninformed. By the way, Trump's America never had a "Neolithic" period.
hat tip: Hougenai

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