Thursday, 26 December 2019

Kent FLO Reacts to Helpful Comment from Member of his Public

David Knell reports that he was a trifle surprised to see the Kent FLO's response to a comment he had made on Twitter other day (PAS: Just nod meekly or you're blocked , Ancient Heritage blog 26th Dec 2019). This all relates to the Kent FLO insisting when I corrected him that there is such a construction "its' " [meaning "of it"] though admitting that despite the occupation he chose, he still has a 'specific learning difficulty' which is supposed to justify it all. David tells the story in his blog post. Now I think somebody employed as a public educator ought to be able to work out the difference, of if he's not sure look it up just a mouse-click way (as here Business Writing Talk, tips, and best picks for writers on the job. Its? It's? Or Its'?: note right at the top  "....its' is never correct"). So when Barford the copy-editor, Knell the copy editor tell him it's wrong and Petts assumes it's mistyping, perhaps the Kent FLO might consider that arrogance is not a suitable response:

Still, at least this one did not decide to get the police onto him! As David Knell pointed out:
Whoa! A trifle touchy? If the representative of an organisation seeking 'outreach' to the public is so averse even to someone politely trying to settle a minor point about grammar, I can only imagine what the reaction would be if another member of the public had the audacity to question his attribution of a find. Something like this perhaps?Kent FLO: Heard about this fantastic #AngloSaxon #Treasure?Fred Bloggs: I believe the artefact actually dates from the Roman period.Kent FLO: You're BLOCKED! You can't follow or see my Tweets any longer!

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