Friday, 5 February 2021

British Museum Buys Fake Amulet

The BM online records contain a number of odd things, but I was reminded of this one by a metal detectorist who wished to remain anonymous:
Museum number 1990,0101.1 pendant; amulet; forgery
Pendant; silver: a Thor's hammer with suspension ring with ends riveted together; double-ended hammer shaped pendant with sub-spherical terminal to handle, pierced for suspension; hammer stamped on both faces with triangles containing six pellets; nine stamps on each side; modern forgery.
Found/Acquired: Carlisle (England) (near) Dimensions
Length: 24 millimetres
Width: 19 millimetres
Purchased through: Sotheby's
Acquisition date 1990
Department Britain, Europe and Prehistory
Registration number 1990,0101.1
This item is discussed on Jane Kershaw's "Viking Metal" blog (with a mention of Timelines Auctions and Artemission) Thursday, 9 April 2015 ' A modern fake exposed'. I presume Sotheby's was swindled by a guy claiming to be a metal detectorist.

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