Tuesday 2 February 2021

UK Artefact Hunters not Exempt

The British Government has today updated its "Guidance on searching for archaeological finds in England during COVID-19" to reflect national lockdown and metal detecting guidance.
The key points to note are that you should only leave your home to go metal-detecting where you are confident that the activity you are engaging in can count as exercise and meets social contact rules.
You must only leave your home for exercise where reasonably necessary.
Exercise should be limited to once per day
You should not travel outside your local area, meaning your village or town, or part of a city.
Organised metal detecting is not allowed.
In terms of where this can take place:
You can metal-detect on private land only if you are on your own or with members of your household.
If you choose to exercise with a person who is not in your household or bubble, you must only do so in a public outdoor place (a place to which the public generally have access).
If you intend to metal detect on private land or a public outdoor space you must obtain permission from the landowner and/or occupier before venturing onto any land. If you have previously had permission from a landowner and/or occupier, you should now check again that they are happy for you to continue to search on their land.
So that has pleased the tekkies:
Malcolm Tennant 12 h
That’s it then metal detecting now aloud

Vignette: Artefact hunters taking exercise near their homes in Iraq 

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Brian Mattick said...

The forums are stuffed ad nauseam with people saying going out carrying a metal detector is essential to their physical and particularly their mental health. It's a shame that Whitehall swallowed such nonsense from the NCMD and didn't take independent advice - from doctors or archaeologists - that going out carrying nothing, or a map or binoculars, would have exactly the same benefits but none of the health risks or heritage downsides for the rest of us.

Why did the Government swallow NCMD's obvious falsehood and did they ring PAS for proper guidance (of COURSE they did) and what were they told?

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