Tuesday 30 August 2022

Reportedly, Finds-poor Field Becomes Amazingly 'Productive' Overnight

On a metal detecting forum near you, discussion continues about a certain Channel Five programme in which the PAS and CBA were involved. This is what one member had to say:
borogers Mon Aug 29, 2022 8:21 pm
I have been doing that field in Northallerton for 12 year and found the odd bits nothing special and then all of a sudden it starts producing because Michaela Strachan and the tv crew turn up
Interestingly, already two weeks after the filming, neither the gold coin found on camera nor the medieval harness pendant have been recorded by PAS, pour encorager les autres. What is going on, were the PAS involved in discussing the recording of metal detecting planted finds during this programme?The public deserves to be told and shown the truth, if for no other reason than the whole PASdatabase reles on finders telling the truth about where, how and what with finds were made. It is therefore disturbing that it is precisely on metal detecting forums that questions are being raised about the veracity of the information presented by this team of "experts".

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Brian Mattick said...

The malign effect of cameras:

1. If you're a professional and you don't like the title and much else why wouldn't you just walk away?

2.Detectorists know that glory-hunting colleagues bring star finds to club digs. How much stronger is the temptation to do that if it means instant stardom on the telly?

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