Monday 22 August 2022

Britain "Taking Back Control" of its Own Pollution


Brexit was all about taking back control and not applying the same principles as those continentals. Now this: "WaterSewage monitors faulty at seaside spots in England and Wales, data showsEnvironment Agency figures indicate people could be swimming in human waste this summer without warning" ( Helena Horton Guardian, Mon 22 Aug 2022). British beach detectorists could be pocketing more than they think. Are UK tekkie wives still happy to let hubby wash what he brings home in the kitchen sink, eh? Just imagine it:
Seaside holidays this year have been marred by water companies pumping raw sewage into the ocean [...] However, some holidaymakers could be swimming in it without warning, as new analysis by the Liberal Democrats has found that some monitors that are supposed to measure the amount of sewage being pumped into water at popular seaside spots are broken or not even installed.
Come to Poland's Baltic coast in the middle of Europe, there's not only no plastic on our beaches, but the only poo there comes from the seabirds. We lock up metal detectorists though if they've not got a permit. 

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Hougenai said...

It's like 1960's all over again......
Shitting on the dock of the bay, watching the turds float away...

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