Tuesday 9 August 2022

More on Catawiki Due Diligence

A seller of antiquities on a collectors' forum near you has a complaint about Catawiki (Jun 22 #96875):
¡Hola! I'm from Spain and yes, I've started the process of selling in Catawiki and they are asking for boring paperwork.
Member prometeus2 says (Jun 22 #96877), "Ya....they do that since a while..". And it is interesting to note what that onerous paperwork consists of: "They ask you to fill this..."

... a form with some of the boxes already ticked. This is presumably sent to Catawiki for their files so they can claim they are covered if an artefact is challenged. Note there is no field to fill in for the actual documentation that is/wll be made available. It is difficult to avoid getting the impression that this form is purely for show.

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