Sunday 18 September 2022

Azerbajan: Cultural Erasure, Destruction of Armenian Monuments

A new report shows that 98% of Armenian cultural heritage sites in Nakhichevan have been destroyed by Azerbaijan. The state has gone to some trouble to "achieve" this. At least 108 Armenian monasteries, churches, and cemeteries in Nakhichevan have been demolished or blown up by the Azerbaijani government, according to the Caucasus Heritage Watch (“Silent Erasure: A Satellite Investigation of the Destruction of Armenian Cultural Heritage in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan”). 

See also the summary article by Avedis Hadjian, 'US Researchers Confirm 98% of Cultural Armenian Heritage Sites in Nakhichevan Destroyed by Azerbaijan' Hyperallergic 17th September 2022.

This video from 8 years ago sets the background:


The situation is still very much in a state of flux. While Russia is bogged down in Putin's futile imperialist war in Ukraine,  this week Azerbaijan has now invaded part of Armenia.

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