Sunday, 18 September 2022

Izium: Steppe Statues Destroyed

In UIkraine's Izium, apart from the details of Russian crimes against the civilian population, information is also emerging of losses to cultural property. One example is the damage done to a group of early Medieval statues   (probably Polovtsian dating from the IX-XIII centuries), which are preserved on a hillside on mount Kremenets to the south of the city. Such effigies ("stone babas") marked places that were probably for performing the memorial cult of ancestors, not directly related to burials. Many of the effigies in fact depict men with weapons.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s top prosecutor on Sunday said his office has documented 34,000 potential war crimes throughout the ongoing conflict with Russia and is mounting a case on genocide. Bearing in mind the oveall size of the force involved in the invasion, that implicates a disturbingly high proportion of individuals in Putin's army.

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