Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Heritage Blogger Vindicated

I first became aware of Manhattan antiquities dealer Subhash Kapoor through a fellow blogger writing to me about a legal threat they had received for writing about him. He dealt with that but a few months later Kapoor was arrested in circumstances that are by now well-known. Just a few days ago the dealer was convicted on trafficking charges in India — more than a decade after his arrest. A CID press release cites "diverse dilatory tactics adopted by Kapoor and the co-accused to delay the trial"; apparently preferring life in jail to facing the accusations in court, “the accused Kapoor filed at least seven bail applications and discharge petitions before the High Court, all of which were dismissed. He also filed various applications before the trial court under some pretext or the other to delay the trial…”. Kapoor and his criminal associates were sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined for plundering Indian temples. Indian press is reporting that several more cases are pending against Kapoor. So let that be a warning to dealers threatening bloggers, eh? Just saying.

Vignette: The National Gallery of Australia Returns to India 13 More Works Bought From Now-Imprisoned Art Dealer Subhash Kapoor


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