Friday 18 November 2022

Spectator: "STOP Sneering at Metal Detectorists"

John Gimlette of the Spectator says (19 Nov 2022) "It’s time to stop sneering at metal detectorists". It's another review of Nigel Richardson's "The Accidental Detectorist" ("a story of how he found himself again, along with a few bits of treasure"). Boring review. And totally off-mark, most UK archaeologists and members of the public are far from "sneering" at treasure hunters with metal detectorists and pockets full of loose goodies to gawp at. Gimlette gives the impression that the book is the usual tekkie-playing-the-victim. I don't see the conservation aspect as having impinged on his consciousness.

1 comment:

Brian Mattick said...

"But most detectorists are only too happy to report their finds, even when they don’t have to."


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