Saturday 25 March 2023

A Coiney's Claim About another Roma Numismatics Sale

"Our commitment to ethical and responsible provenance: the
consignor affirms that this auction lot is their lawful property to sell,
and where cultural property restrictions may exist, that it meets the
requirements to be legally imported into the United States and Germany
unless specifically stated otherwise".

 Roma Numismatics Ltd
    Metal detector find from Limburg (Roma Numismatics)   

E-Live Auction 6 25 Mar 2023
Lot 176

Estimate: 500 GBP 
Domitian, as Caesar, Æ Sestertius. Rome, AD 80-81. CAES DIVI AVG VESP F DOMITIAN COS VII, laureate head to right / Minerva advancing to right, holding spear and shield; S-C across fields. RIC II.1 295 (Titus); BMCRE 232 (Titus). 15.54g, 32mm, 6h.
Extremely Fine; featuring a expressive portrait and an attractive dark green patina.
From the collection of a Romanophile; Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd., E-Sale 93, 6 January 2022, lot 963 (hammer: £700).
On a coiney forum near you (and potential bidders) someone called " Roerbakmix" said March 13:
They have added this ‘provenance’ to a coin I sold via them last year, which is now for sale again:
curiously enough, they omitted the real provenance which I provided before: find location, year when it was found, and documents of the registration in the numismatic Dutch database…
Interestingly those details were added before the sale today:
From the collection of a Romanophile;
Ex Roma Numismatics Ltd., E-Sale 93, 6 January 2022, lot 963 (hammer: £700);
Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Electronic Auction 484, 27 January 2021, lot 769;
Found in Limburg, the Netherlands in 2010. Registered in NUMIS under ID# 1154746.
It sold for 400 GBP. The "description" failed to note the condition; under the compact patina (how produced? Chemistry?) seems to be a troublesome powdery layer that has led to flaking at the edges of the flan. The inscription looks odd to me in places. The outline of the obverse and reverse images do not match, what is that odd break in one edge?

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