Friday, 10 March 2023

"From the collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-1990s"

Some numisforums are going over and over the Beale/Roma Numismatics case in some (but uncomprehendng) detail. Here's one interesting comment about a sale in March 2021:
Here is a Coin Talk thread from two years ago in which it was implied that Roma engages in certain shady practices relating to provenance (and Richard Beale vigorously defended himself). The thread has suddenly become more interesting in retrospect:
The bare note "From the collection of an antiquarian, Bavaria c. 1960s-1990s" is no documentation of legal excaation, legal transfer of ownership and legal export on its way to Bavaria, whether or not that took place in the decade before or two decades after the 1970 UNESCO Convention or any other relevant regulations.

Member 'Heliodromus' on the same forum March 9 writes:
"I've seen couple of times coins sold on eBay appear 6 months later on Roma "From a private English collection". Not too long ago they sold a gold coin, sold on [the Ukrainian auction site] Violity 6 months prior, (now on Roma with extensive undisclosed "repair" work done to it) as "From a private North European collection", and so it goes ...
More details are supplied in another post (DonnaML Posted March 9):
For anyone interested, this was your thread on the Violity specimen:

Most people who commented, including me, assumed that Roma was unaware of the coin's origin on Violity and the fact that it had been substantially "repaired." Now one has to wonder. Especially given the fact that as I pointed out in that thread, although Roma did revise its original description to mention the repair, "it still says it's from a private North European collection. I don't think Ukraine is even arguably in North Europe, so it can't have been in that collection for more than two years. There's no disclosure of the fact that the coin was previously sold from Ukraine on the Violity site in 2020!"

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